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DIY Replacement Teeth: The Dangers of Social Media Trends

June 6, 2023

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From the United States to England, TikTok influencers across the globe have been teaching followers how to create replacement teeth using items you can buy from online retailers. It’s no surprise that for many people, these methods of replacing missing teeth using non-dental materials like InstaMorph beads, ends badly. However, this phenomenon has created an important discussion surrounding how dental work shouldn’t be considered a luxury. Read on to learn more about the problems with trying to make your own dentures and how to make professional prosthetics more affordable.

What are DIY Dentures?

Social media influencers have taken to platforms, like TikTok, to show their followers how to create replacement teeth from a product readily available on Amazon for $15, called InstaMorph beads, as well as first aid dental kits. While these temporary fixes may boost your confidence for a short period of time by concealing the gaps within an arch, they will only cause trouble in the long run and aren’t functional due to their improper fit and construction.

The Dangers of Creating Your Own Replacement Teeth

As a result of this new trend, dentists have witnessed patients using materials that weren’t made to go within the mouth, exposing themselves to the potential threat of a variety of oral health problems, such as:

  • Oral sores and inflammation due to ill-fitting restorations.
  • Difficulty eating and speaking with their DIY replacement teeth.
  • An increased risk of infection due to food and bacteria build-up within the mouth.

Ultimately, people who trusted this trend risked substantial emergency dental bills in the hope that it would save them both time and money.

How Much Do Professional Dentures Cost?

It’s not lost on dentists a why this became a trend. With an increasing number of dentists not taking insurance plans and annual insurance maximums not being raised over the last 40 or so years, affording dentures can be a struggle. However, by doing your research and looking at all of your options, you may be able to find a dentist who can maximize your benefits by being in-network or that offers additional financing to make paying for your restorations easier.

Many dentists partner with CareCredit, a trusted, third-party financer, to make restoring your smile easier and more affordable. Upon approval, you’ll be able to make small monthly payments with little-to-no interest, allowing you to more easily incorporate the cost of dentures into your monthly budget.

While creating your own replacement teeth may sound harmless, using products that aren’t made to be in your mouth and not having properly fitted restorations can cause incredibly expensive issues. So, while it may seem you’ll be able to save money, you’re ultimately taking a high-risk gamble of needing more extensive procedures down the road.

About the Practice

At Dentistry of Wisconsin, our team is proud to be under the leadership of four highly skilled dentists, including Dr. Derek Metzger, Dr. Nate Truckenbrod, Dr. Myriel Dittman, and Dr. Chaz Konrath. Each of our providers is dedicated to offering patients high-quality and accessible dentistry, which is why we’re proudly in-network with Delta Dental and are happy to file insurance claims for those who are out-of-network. We also work with CareCredit to provide an additional flexible payment option to our patients. For questions or to schedule an appointment, visit our website or call 920-324-3881.

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