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Experience the Benefits of Modern Dental Care

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Dentistry is a field that’s never standing still. Every day, new tools and techniques are being painstakingly developed for the sake of more efficient and comfortable patient care. Dr. Werner, Dr. Metzger, and Dr. Truckenbrod have chosen to invest in many of these modern touches here in our two dental office locations, and we can’t wait to introduce you to their benefits during your visits.

CEREC® Digital Impression System

Digital impression system

Traditionally, dentists captured detailed impressions of a patient’s tooth or teeth with physical “putty” that had to be pressed into the mouth. In order to alleviate discomfort and improve accuracy, we’ve chosen to invest in digital impressions instead with the revolutionary power of CEREC. Now, a comprehensive impression only takes a few, no-contact sweeps of our handheld scanner – no gagging required.

The Wand™

The wand

While injections of local anesthesia are important to receive before undergoing any extensive dental work, many patients cringe at the sight of a needle and syringe. Thankfully, the Wand helps make this experience more palatable. The needle is contained in a handpiece that looks more like a pen, and a numbing agent will be applied to the injection point so that the patient doesn’t even feel anything during the injection.

Intraoral Cameras

dentist using intraoral camera

Do you ever wonder what our dentists are seeing as they peer inside your mouth? Intraoral cameras can shed some much-needed light on the situation, helping our team give patients an up-close-and-personal tour of their teeth, gum tissue, and much more. The high-resolution images we capture with our camera-tipped wand will be transferred to a monitor in the operatory for easy viewing, and these can be used to discuss areas of concern and possible treatment options with 100% clarity.

Digital X-Rays

digital x-ray on ipad

Digital X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool for viewing important information about a patient’s oral health that’s well-hidden beneath the surface of the smile. Here in Waupun and Beaver Dam, we’ve invested in digital radiography as a big improvement over traditional film. Instead of having to wait hours for images to develop slowly in a darkroom, they are immediately available for viewing – and any radiation exposure patients experience is dramatically reduced by up to 90% for added safety.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

woman in cone beam system

When planning advanced surgical treatment like dental implant placement or root canal therapy, our dentists need to be aware of every last bodily detail for maximized success – that’s where our 3D cone beam imaging system comes in. Our GALILEOS machine can capture panoramic, three-dimensional X-rays of the patient’s teeth, jaw, and related oral structures. Even the facial nerves and sinuses will be mapped out accurately. This highly valuable visual aid will allow the Dentistry of Wisconsin team to pinpoint the perfect treatment approach for your specific circumstances.

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