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Beam with Confidence with An Enhanced Smile

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While helping patients achieve excellent oral health is our team’s top priority, we also understand that many people are interested in pursuing a more attractive look as well. At Dentistry of Wisconsin, you can find a variety of different cosmetic services that are all designed to effectively treat common flaws and help your smile shine. Our dentists will be happy to help you devise the ideal treatment plan that not only achieves your goals but exceeds your expectations as well. To get started with an initial consultation, please contact one of our two dental office locations in Waupun or Beaver Dam, WI.

Why Choose Dentistry of Wisconsin for Cosmetic Dentistry?


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Porcelain veneers are an excellent method for transforming the appearance of several teeth at once in just a few short appointments. This type of restoration is crafted from highly lifelike dental porcelain and designed to be extremely thin – thin enough that it can be placed over the visible surfaces of your smile. All at once, years of imperfections will be safely hidden behind a new look that’s durable & functional.

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Metal-Free Restorations

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When rebuilding a broken or incomplete tooth, our team believes that patients shouldn’t have to choose between improving their health and sacrificing their natural appearance. That’s why Dentistry of Wisconsin primarily offers metal-free ceramics for new dental crowns, inlays, onlays, and other restorative solutions. This material is highly aesthetic and will blend in beautifully alongside the rest of the smile – it even has the same translucent qualities as tooth enamel. The lack of dark-colored metals also makes it more comfortable.

Cosmetic Bonding

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Even the smallest smile imperfections can grab your attention in the mirror or in photographs. If you’re tired of noticing chips, gaps between teeth, or dark spots, direct bonding is one of the fastest ways to hide the damage behind a new, revitalized look. This process will only take a single appointment of your time in most cases. One of our dentists will apply tooth-colored composite resin (precisely shaded to match your smile’s natural color) to the requested area and sculpt it into a pleasingly subtle addition.

Teeth Whitening

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Coffee, wine, old age, genetics – there are several factors that can contribute to teeth becoming stained and discolored over time. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be permanent! Take-home whitening kits are available at Dentistry of Wisconsin for convenient use, and they’re much more powerful than anything you’d find at the local pharmacy. After just a few weeks of diligent use, patients can look forward to enjoying a smile that’s several shades brighter.

Learn More About Teeth Whitening

Gum Recontouring

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If you feel that your smile is overly short, uneven, or “stubby,” aesthetic gum recontouring may be a worthwhile service to undergo. During this procedure, our dentists will carefully and precisely eliminate any unnecessary gum tissue from the mouth, sculpting the gum line into a more pleasing and balanced shape that reveals more dental structure. Better yet, we use a state-of-the-art soft tissue laser for added comfort and a much faster recovery period – most of our patients don’t even need local anesthesia!

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Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

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At Dental Group West, we focus on oral health first because it serves as the foundation of your smile. But we believe that every patient deserves to feel good about their appearance as well! Our outstanding team of dentists has advanced training in cosmetic dentistry and many years of experience, and we’ve put together answers to several cosmetic dentistry FAQs we often hear. But if you have any other questions or want to schedule a consultation, contact us anytime. As cosmetic dentists, we’d love to help you smile with confidence!

Does insurance cover cosmetic dental work?

Not typically. Although it will cover dental work that’s needed to improve your dental health, and sometimes that has the added benefit of improving the appearance of your teeth. Here are some examples:

Also, our office will always work with you to help you get the most out of your insurance and reduce your out-of-pocket costs as much as possible.

What are the most common cosmetic procedures?

Here are some of the most common cosmetic treatments available. After we’ve assessed your needs, goals and budget during a consultation, we’ll customize the right treatment plan for you.

I don’t like my teeth. Is it easier to replace them with implants?

When tooth loss is inevitable, dentures and implants are great replacement options. But they also come with drawbacks and will never function as well as natural teeth. That’s why we always recommend saving your own teeth whenever possible.

A far better solution is cosmetic dentistry. As a dentist in Toledo, we have many ways to safely and reliably transform your smile, often in just 1 or 2 appointments. These procedures not only cost less than dentures and implants, but also maintain your oral health as well.

Am I a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a great option for most people. However, your smile won’t be beautiful until it’s healthy, so we’ll make sure you don’t have any issues that need to be treated first such as cavities or gum disease.

How long does cosmetic treatment take?

It depends on which procedures you’re getting. Some people only need a simple whitening treatment, while others need a combination of options to get their ideal results. Here’s an estimate of how long common procedures take:

Does cosmetic dentistry do more than just improve aesthetics?

Absolutely! Cosmetic dentistry may be more focused on the aesthetics of your smile, but it also works to improve your oral health, too. By covering and caring for cracks, chips, stains, and even gaps between your teeth, you are lowering your risk for infection, tooth decay, and even gum disease. Bacteria loves the smallest crevices of your smile, so a small crack can leave you vulnerable to worsening dental problems.

Choosing cosmetic dentistry to reduce the risk will not only improve the status of your oral health, but it will also give you a more pleasant appearance – now that is something to smile about!

Can my teenager receive cosmetic treatment?

Yes, teenagers can receive cosmetic treatment, but it is ultimately up to your dentist in Beaver Dam to determine which ones are safe and appropriate. Metal-free dental restorations, dental bonding, and teeth whitening are possible options your teenager may be able to receive, but depending on their individual case, we may recommend alternative solutions.

Why should I see a cosmetic dentist?

A cosmetic dentist is specifically trained to improve the aesthetic of a person’s smile. There are certain skills and techniques that must be developed in order to safely and effectively perform cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and more. Making sure you take your time in choosing the right cosmetic dentist is important, as it will determine the look of your smile for years to come. When searching for a professional, check their educational and professional background as well as advanced training and reviews from previous clients.

What can I do at home to keep my new smile looking its best?

To ensure your results last as long as possible, you should try the following:

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