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What to Expect When Removing a Failed Implant

August 19, 2022

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person talking to dentist about removing a failed dental implant

Dental implants are titanium screws that are inserted through the gums and into the jawbone. They spend four to six months fusing with the bone in the jaw through osseointegration, which makes them incredibly durable. Though dental implants can last your whole life with proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits, a loss or painful implant is a bad sign. Read on to learn about removing a failed implant and what can lead to this.

What Causes Dental Implant Failure?

As previously mentioned, osseointegration is what makes your implants so strong and long-lasting. If osseointegration is interrupted, this can lead to dental implant failure. A few things that can cause issues with osseointegration include:

  • Poor oral hygiene – Brushing twice and flossing once per day removes bacteria and food particles from your smile. Not doing so may allow an infection that’s similar to periodontal disease called peri-implantitis to develop. This causes the gums as well as the bone supporting an implant to deteriorate, which can lead to failure.
  • Weak jawbone – Missing teeth means the jawbone in that area doesn’t receive the stimulation it needs. Over time, it will begin to deteriorate. A weak jawbone can’t adequately support implants, which will likely cause them to fail.
  • Tobacco use – Smoking significantly raises your chances of failed osseointegration. Cigarette smokers with dental implants are five times more likely to experience implant failure, so it’s best to avoid this bad habit.
  • Medical conditions – Osteoporosis is a medical condition that causes bones to become weak and brittle, which can make it hard for osseointegration to be completed. Autoimmune issues also impair one’s ability to heal and can lead to implant failure.

How Your Dentist Removes a Failed Dental Implant

While removing a failed implant, your dentist will do their best to preserve as much bone structure as possible. A common way of removing a failed implant is by using an instrument called a trough bur that lets dentists cut into a small section of the jawbone along the edge of the implant until it’s detached enough for them to pull it loose. Your dentist will numb the area and administer a local anesthetic before beginning treatment to make sure you’re comfortable.

The amount of time someone needs to wait after removing a failed implant before getting a new one depends on the individual. If you have any oral health issues, they will need to be treated first. Your dentist may also recommend a bone graft to rebuild the structure if necessary. Once you’re ready, they’ll work with you to get a new implant placed so you can get back to enjoying a full, healthy smile!

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