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Sedation Dentistry: A Stress-Free Approach to Dental Care

If you wish you could sail through dental appointments with little to no stress, we have the solution for you. To ensure our patients are relaxed, our trained and certified sedation dentist, Dr. Katz, offers an alternative to those who shy away from seeking dental services. From two locations (Beaver Dam, WI and Waupun, WI), we offer our services to Alto, Lamartine, Mayville Columbus, WI, and other surrounding areas.
What to Expect
The sedation procedure is simple, yet effective. We will provide you with a small pill to take one hour before your scheduled visit. The pill helps calm and relax you before your dental visit. We will escort you to your room, cover you with a cozy blanket, if you would like, and administer N20 to also help in the relaxation. This method does require you to bring a companion that can drive you.
Who Can Benefit?
Many people experience slight discomfort when it comes the time to visit their dentists. However, that discomfort is so severe for some individuals that it prevents them from getting the professional dental care they need. Our sedation services are ideal for patients coping with varying fears and dental issues, including:
Relaxing, Productive Visits
Through sedation dentistry, we are able to complete intricate dental work that can normally require multiple appointments and reduce that to several appointments or a single appointment whichever you, the patient prefers. Not only does sedation dentistry reduce the stress associated with dental appointments, it can save our patients, time and discomfort.
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