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Patient Testimonials

Dentistry of Wisconsin Patient Testimonials

I was going to have both my front teeth capped.  I had prepared myself for the extensive drilling, the achy jaw for being held open so long and for sitting for a long time.

I wasn’t prepared for a fantastic journey.  I was greeted with a smile, made comfortable, was given a short summary of what was going to be done and then had two shots in my gums above my front teeth ten minutes later the show began.

I really can’t remember the drilling but what I do remember was a TV screen with Dr. Tom giving me a play by play of how he was going about making my teeth.  The TV screen took me step by step how my teeth were formed. Fantastic!  The advancement in dentistry as shown by Dr. Tom and his staff makes the patient feel confident and relaxed.

I am so proud of my smile, the teeth look great and I am grateful and thankful for Dr. Tom’s work.  A nice smile makes a difference at any age.  I’m only 81.   Don’t put off this procedure.  You will be glad you had your teeth taken care of by Dentistry of Wisconsin, Dr. Tom and staff.


Although I was fortunate to have all of my original teeth, I had a complete dental restoration done on them due to extreme wear.  Dr. Tom thoroughly explained the medical need for this in order to preserve my otherwise very healthy teeth.

The entire procedure was very comfortable and his entire staff was extremely attentive to any concerns that I had.  Even though my primary reason for having this done was teeth preservation, I also ended up with a new set of teeth that are aesthetically very good looking of which I have received many comments.

Being in a somewhat rural area, we are fortunate to have the services of Dr. Tom.  His experience is invaluable and I doubt if you could find any dentist who is as knowledgeable and trained in the newest technology and techniques.


I chose Dentistry of Wisconsin and Dr. Tom Katz because I heard many wonderful things about his office and staff and I have seen the work he has done on other people and it was just outstanding.

My personal experience was outstanding and the outcome was absolutely wonderful.   I was comfortable through the whole procedure with absolutely no pain or discomfort.

His staff is great and very upbeat and very willing to help with any questions you may have.

I love this office and I especially love my new smile!

Thanks again!!


When I was 10 years old I had rheumatic fever, I was told to make sure that I got good dental care.   Dental work goes hand in hand with your heart health.  Having very bad teeth through the years made it difficult to stay on top of it.  I started with Dr. L. C. Schrank in the late 70’s; he kept on top of my dental problems.

My years of heart medication took a toll on my teeth.  Dr. Tom Katz sat down with me and my husband and showed us just what had to be done to take care of some immediate concerns.  It came as a huge shock, but I would do it all over in a heart beat.

Having two implants and crowns was a worry to say the least, but everything went very well.  Dr. Tom and his assistants made it so comfortable.  There wasn’t a question I had that they couldn’t answer.  When you hear of pain free dentists, it doesn’t get any better than Dr. Tom.

If I would win the lottery tomorrow, I would have Dr. Tom replace all of my teeth with implants!


When Dr. L. C. Schrank opened his dental office in Waupun in the 1960’s I became one of his first patients.  Although I moved to Elkhart Lake, WI several years ago, I continue to have my dental needs taken care of by Dentistry of WI.  (formerly Dr. L. C. Schrank Dental Clinic).  I have always had complete confidents in Dr. Schrank and his very capable and friendly staff.

I would highly recommend Dentistry of Wisconsin to anyone who needs routine or any type of dental care as the latest in technology is available.  The care and treatment I receive at Dentistry of Wisconsin continues to be of the same caliber as it was when known as Dr. L. C. Schrank Clinic.


I was so impressed with Dr. Katz and the staff.  This has been the best dental experience I have ever had!

Thank you!


Dr. Katz and Staff,

Thank you for your skilled professional work and office personnel. Everyone was wonderful! I know I had high expectations going into my dental needs with you “Thank you!” – I was not disappointed in any of it. I know I made the right decision coming to you.



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